With fewer crowds compared to renowned tourist hubs, Cambodia provides a serene and calming atmosphere for your travels. Let’s delve into some new and undiscovered experiences in Cambodia that may be unfamiliar to you! Join DirectFlights as we embark on a journey to explore hidden gems of Cambodia, destinations veiled in mystique that any traveler would want to visit at least once in their lifetime, to delve deeper into the country’s historical beauty, culture, and people.

  1. Explore the Coastal Charms of Kep
    Built by the French in 1908, Kep has transformed from a barren coast into a fantastic resort destination. The name “Kep” comes from the French “Le Cap,” meaning cape. Today, Kep has been revived as a popular coastal destination, with numerous restaurants, resorts, and markets catering to tourists. If you’re seeking a peaceful seaside city in Cambodia, Kep is your go-to. Known for its delectable seafood, especially crab, Kep offers a unique dining experience at its crab market. Select fresh crabs straight from the boats and have them cooked on the spot or take them home. The Kampot green pepper crab is the most famous dish here, making it a must-visit for crab enthusiasts.
  2. Spiritual Journey to Puthkiri Temple
    Built in 2017 by four monks led by Head Monk Serey Keo Kakda, Puthkiri Temple in Cambodia sits atop a 30-meter hill and boasts 3,000 statues. Recognized by Indochinakings magazine, it holds the record for the most golden statues in a temple garden in Indochina. During traditional festivals, the temple becomes bustling with both tourists and locals. Many visitors share that despite the tiring journey, everyone feels joy and fulfillment after their visit. Come here to tour and pray for your loved ones, as the temple is renowned for its sacredness.
  3. Enjoy playful time in Tek Chhou Stream
    Located about 15 km from Kampot town, Tek Chhou, meaning “flowing water” in Cambodian, is a wide, elongated stream flanked by lush forests. This scenic spot attracts many tourists, especially on weekends, with its picturesque flowing waters. Along the stream, numerous thatched huts and hammocks are perfect for relaxing, swimming, and enjoying local delicacies.
  4. Indulge in Kampot’s Roast Chicken Delicacy
    Roast Chicken Kampot is a must-try specialty of Kampot province. This dish features chicken roasted to a golden hue, with tender, juicy meat infused with flavors from lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves, and is best enjoyed with spicy garlic-chili fish sauce. Relish this delicious dish after a refreshing swim for an unforgettable culinary experience.
  5. Conquer the Mysteries of Bokor Mountain
    Bokor Mountain, part of the Damrei range in Kampot province, lies 150 km west-southwest of Phnom Penh. This place has long been considered a sacred “sanctuary” for monks and spiritual practitioners. It’s believed to gather the earth’s spiritual essence, attracting ascetics and shamans seeking enlightenment. The mountain’s lush green forests, steep cliffs, peculiar rock formations, and swirling mists add to its mystical and sacred aura. The name “Bokor” comes from the Khmer word meaning “hump,” as the mountain resembles a cow’s back hump from afar. On the mountain, you’ll find the colossal statue of Saint Ya Mao, a revered symbol of good fortune believed to oversee Bokor. The local Cambodians worship this goddess, believing she brings happiness and luck.

Beyond popular destinations like Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, these experiences will enrich your Cambodian adventure. Don’t worry about accommodation, DirectFlights has curated hot packages for Cambodia, meticulously selected with comfortable accommodations and included meals, transpotations, making it easy to travel to beautiful spots. Hop on over to DirectFlights for some awesome advice on your epic vacation in Cambodia!

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