Direct Flights, a leading travel management company, is pleased to announce a new Education Agency Agreement with the Australian National Airline College (ANAC). This partnership presents a unique opportunity for international students seeking high-quality flight training to pursue their dream of becoming airline pilots.

ANAC’s Proven Track Record

ANAC boasts a distinguished reputation, having trained both domestic and international students for pilot careers for over 30 years. Their alumni now fly for airlines around the globe, a testament to the effectiveness of their programs.

World-Class Training for International Students

ANAC is a CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) approved Part 142 school, offering a comprehensive integrated flight training program. Their curriculum adheres to the rigorous standards set forth by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), ensuring global recognition. This means your pilot’s license will be valid in most countries, opening doors to a rewarding international aviation career.

Ideal Training Locations

ANAC offers training at two strategically chosen locations:

  • Moorabbin Airport: Melbourne’s premier training airport, providing an ideal environment to hone your piloting skills.
  • Mangalore Airport: This second campus caters specifically to training China Southern Airlines cadets, further solidifying ANAC’s exceptional reputation in the aviation industry.

Accredited by the Civil Aviation Authority of China (CAAC)

ANAC’s accreditation by the CAAC signifies their commitment to delivering the highest standards of training, meeting the stringent requirements of major airlines worldwide. This recognition underscores the quality of education offered at ANAC.

Direct Flights: Your Trusted Partner in Pilot Training

At Direct Flights, we understand the aspirations of future pilots. Our experienced travel consultants are here to assist you throughout the entire process, from navigating the application procedures to arranging your travel to Australia. We’ll help you chart a smooth course towards achieving your pilot training goals.

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Whether you’re an aspiring pilot residing in Australia or have dreams of taking flight from abroad, Direct Flights is your wingman on the ground. Contact us today to learn more about the exciting opportunities available through our partnership with ANAC.

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Embrace your passion for aviation. Let Direct Flights and ANAC guide you towards a soaring career in the skies!