Emirates Airlines is making headlines again, and this time it’s all about enhancing your journey from start to finish. With innovations that cater to your culinary preferences and provide you with more comfort in the sky, Emirates is all set to elevate your travel experience. And guess what? You can conveniently book your Emirates flights with Direct Flights to make sure you’re part of this exciting journey!

Inflight Meal Pre-Ordering: A Gastronomic Adventure at 35,000 Feet

Emirates Airlines understands that your journey is not just about reaching your destination—it’s also about the experience along the way. That’s why they’ve taken inflight dining to a whole new level. Due to the overwhelming popularity of Emirates’ inflight meal pre-ordering initiative, the airline is thrilled to announce its expansion to an additional 39 destinations. This includes routes to and from Brisbane and Perth, making your journey even more delightful.

Unveiling the Culinary Extravaganza

Imagine having the power to choose your inflight meal from a delectable menu up to a fortnight before your flight. Emirates’ inflight meal pre-ordering service allows Business Class passengers to do just that. You can now pre-select your main course between 14 days and 24 hours before departure. This means you can enjoy your preferred meal while contributing to the reduction of food wastage—an essential step toward sustainable travel.

To access this service, simply visit Emirates.com or use the Emirates app to browse a wide selection of regionally inspired dishes crafted from locally sourced ingredients. It’s the perfect way to plan your culinary journey and ensure you savor every bite during your flight.

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A Taste of the Future

Emirates Airlines has big plans. They intend to extend this initiative to even more global routes in the coming months, ensuring that an increasing number of passengers can enjoy personalized dining while making a positive impact on the environment. It’s not just a meal; it’s an experience that’s tailored to your tastes.

Premium Economy: Comfort Takes Flight to Sao Paulo and Tokyo

But Emirates doesn’t stop there. For those who appreciate a little extra legroom and premium amenities, there’s more good news. Emirates’ highly sought-after Premium Economy offering is expanding to Sao Paulo starting from 19 November and Tokyo Narita from 20 December.

A World of Comfort Awaits

Sao Paulo will be Emirates’ fifth destination in its North and South American network to offer Premium Economy flights. Meanwhile, Tokyo Narita becomes the second gateway in Emirates’ Far East network to feature this elevated cabin experience. Expect extra legroom, premium features, and a range of amenities designed to make your journey more comfortable than ever.

As Emirates continues its retrofit program and introduces Premium Economy to more routes, Sao Paulo will become the 13th city to welcome Emirates’ newly retrofitted A380 aircraft. The total number of destinations offering Premium Economy will reach 14 with the addition of Tokyo Narita.

A Refreshed Journey

The upgraded aircraft on these routes aren’t just about Premium Economy seats; they come with refreshed interiors throughout all cabins. This means your entire journey will have a fresh and appealing look and feel, enhancing your overall flying experience.

Emirates already operates A380s with Premium Economy seats on global routes like London Heathrow, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, and more. And the excitement doesn’t stop there; Premium Economy will soon debut on Emirates’ flights to Mumbai and Bengaluru from 29 October.

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Emirates Airlines is committed to providing you with unparalleled comfort, culinary excellence, and an unforgettable journey. With inflight meal pre-ordering and Premium Economy expanding to exciting new destinations, now is the perfect time to experience Emirates like never before.

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