Calling all adventurers and luxury seekers! Are you ready to be enchanted by the opulent world of Golden Eagle Luxury Trains? At Direct Flights, we’ve meticulously crafted an array of exclusive journeys that promise an unforgettable exploration of Europe’s most stunning landscapes and cities.

Istanbul to Paris Journey
Embark on a captivating journey from Istanbul to Paris, traversing diverse landscapes and experiencing an array of cultural treasures.

  • Istanbul’s Richness: Begin your adventure in Istanbul, a city steeped in history and vibrant culture. Explore its bustling markets, awe-inspiring mosques, and the iconic Hagia Sophia.
  • Bulgarian Charms: Next, delve into Bulgaria’s heritage in Sofia and Plovdiv. Wander through ancient ruins, immerse yourself in local traditions, and discover the allure of these historic cities.
  • Serbian Delights: Continue to Belgrade, Serbia’s lively capital, where a mix of historical landmarks and modern attractions await. Experience the city’s vibrant nightlife and dynamic energy.
  • Slovenian Beauty: Pause in Ljubljana, Slovenia’s enchanting capital, known for its picturesque architecture and charming ambiance. Explore its quaint streets and vibrant cultural scene.
  • Alpine Splendors: Traverse through Austria and Switzerland, soaking in the splendor of Vienna’s imperial architecture and the breathtaking Swiss Alps. Experience the beauty of nature and the elegance of European cities.
  • French Romance: Conclude your journey in France with visits to Lyon and Paris, cities renowned for their romantic ambiance and cultural heritage. Lose yourself in the charm of Parisian streets and iconic landmarks.

Eastern Europe to Mediterranean Delight:

  • Venice’s Romance: Begin in Venice, Italy, with its iconic canals and historic charm. Experience the magic of this unique city.
  • Historic Path: Travel through Trieste, Ljubljana, and Sarajevo, each city offering a rich tapestry of history and culture. Continue to Dubrovnik, Croatia’s coastal gem.
  • Cultural Capitals: Explore Belgrade, Skopje, Sofia, and Plovdiv, each city showcasing its unique heritage. End in Istanbul, where East meets West in a fusion of culture and history.

Christmas Markets of Central Europe:
During this journey, experience the magic of Central Europe’s Christmas markets. Wander through festive stalls filled with handmade crafts, delicious treats, and unique gifts. Each city offers its own special charm and holiday spirit, making this a truly unforgettable holiday adventure.

  • Budapest: Stroll through Vörösmarty Square, adorned with twinkling lights and festive decorations.
  • Salzburg: Enjoy the historic Salzburg Christmas Market in front of the stunning Hohensalzburg Fortress.
  • Vienna: Visit the famous Rathausplatz market, a winter wonderland with beautifully decorated stalls and an ice rink.
  • Munich: Explore Marienplatz, where the heart of the city transforms into a festive paradise with a towering Christmas tree and lively atmosphere.

New Year in Vienna
Celebrate the New Year by embarking on a cultural and historical journey through Central Europe, with Vienna as the highlight of your adventure

  • Budapest’s Splendor: Start your trip in Budapest, Hungary’s vibrant capital. Explore the city’s stunning architecture, historic sites, and lively New Year celebrations along the scenic Danube River.
  • Keszthely’s Charm: Proceed to Keszthely, a picturesque lakeside town renowned for the magnificent Festetics Castle. Stroll through its beautiful gardens and enjoy the serene lakeside views.
  • Graz’s Heritage: Next, visit Graz, Austria’s UNESCO World Heritage city, famed for its unique architecture and rich history. Wander through the charming streets and discover its cultural treasures.
  • Vienna’s Grandeur: Arrive in Vienna, the crown jewel of your journey. Renowned for its art, music, and imperial history, Vienna offers a spectacular New Year’s celebration. Enjoy classical concerts, festive markets, and the stunning fireworks display.
  • Cesky Krumlov’s Enchantment: Continue to Cesky Krumlov, a captivating town in the Czech Republic. Explore its medieval streets, historic castle, and the enchanting winter atmosphere.
  • Prague’s Golden Splendor: Move on to Prague, the golden city, where you can marvel at Prague Castle, stroll across Charles Bridge, and enjoy the city’s vibrant nightlife and New Year festivities.
  • Kosice’s Cultural Riches: Your next stop is Kosice, Slovakia’s cultural capital. Discover the Gothic beauty of St. Elisabeth Cathedral and the city’s rich cultural scene.
  • Return to Budapest: Conclude your journey by returning to Budapest, where you can reflect on your adventure and enjoy one last taste of Central European charm before heading home.

Beyond the Journey – Luxurious Inclusions:

  • Private Guided Tours: Our tours are led by knowledgeable English-speaking guides, ensuring an insightful and personalized exploration of each destination.
  • Sumptuous Accommodations: Stay in luxury with options like plush sleeping compartments, private bathrooms, and modern amenities including air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, and Wi-Fi.
  • Gourmet Dining: Enjoy exquisite meals prepared by professional chefs, featuring a blend of local and international cuisine, ensuring a culinary delight throughout your journey.

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