Are you ready for a cycling adventure in one of Europe’s most captivating countries? France, renowned for its diverse landscapes, rich history, and delectable cuisine, offers an array of stunning cycling routes that cater to riders of all levels. At, we’re excited to guide you through the top 10 cycling routes and locations across France that promise unforgettable experiences.

  1. Mont Ventoux, Provence: Challenge yourself on the iconic Mont Ventoux ascent in Provence. This legendary climb offers cyclists breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes and a sense of achievement once you reach the summit.
  2. Loire Valley: Pedal through the enchanting Loire Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage site famous for its gentle terrain, magnificent chateaux, and picturesque vineyards lining the Loire River.
  3. French Alps: For adrenaline junkies, the French Alps boast legendary climbs like Alpe d’Huez and Col du Tourmalet, offering thrilling challenges amid awe-inspiring mountain vistas.
  4. Burgundy: Immerse yourself in the beauty of Burgundy as you cycle through rolling hills, historic villages, and renowned wineries, indulging in its rich cultural and gastronomic heritage.
  5. Dordogne: Explore the Dordogne region’s diverse landscapes, from serene river valleys to medieval castles and prehistoric sites, catering to cyclists of varying abilities.
  6. Provence Lavender Route: Embark on a sensory journey through Provence’s fragrant lavender fields in the Luberon region, a true feast for the senses during the summer months.
  7. Corsica: Discover Corsica’s rugged coastline and challenging mountainous terrain, offering cyclists a rewarding and scenic experience amidst stunning natural beauty.
  8. Vélodyssée: Follow the Atlantic coastal route from Brittany to the Basque Country, spanning approximately 1200 km and offering diverse landscapes, beaches, and charming seaside towns.
  9. Champagne Region: Cycle through Champagne’s vineyards and rolling hills, savoring the region’s famed sparkling wine while exploring charming villages.
  10. Alsace Wine Route: Experience the unique blend of French and German cultures as you pedal through Alsace’s picturesque vineyards, historic towns, and half-timbered villages.

Whether you’re an avid cyclist seeking challenging mountain ascents or a leisure rider craving scenic routes through vineyards and historic sites, France has something for everyone.

Before embarking on your cycling adventure, ensure you’re well-equipped with the right gear and maps. Check the best time to visit for optimal weather conditions and familiarize yourself with local cycling regulations for a safe and enjoyable journey.

At, we’re here to help you plan your dream cycling holiday in France. Explore our range of flight options and travel deals to start your adventure in this cyclist’s paradise. Bon voyage and happy cycling!