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🌟 Unleash 6 Days of Pure Bliss from Manila to Bohol’s White Beaches!Β  Brace for a whirlwind adventure with expert guides, luxe accommodation, gourmet meals, and seamless transport. Dive into Manila’s pulsating markets and historic Chinatown, a taste of the world’s oldest! Then, jet off to Bohol for a beachside odyssey that includes Baclayon Church, Loboc River, and the enchanting Tarsier Sanctuary. But wait, the grand finale? Behold the awe-inspiring Chocolate Hills! Next, an island-hop to Pamilacan for snorkeling ecstasy, sun-soaked sands, and a lip-smacking home-cooked feast!Β  This is more than a trip, it’s an exhilarating escape! πŸš€
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Package expires at on 20th, December 2024


  • 🌟 Day 1: Arrive in Manila and dive into the vibrant city! Optional airport pick-up available. Check-in at Abraham Manila for an epic stay.πŸŒ†
  • 🌟 Day 2: Manila City Tour! From bustling markets to a Bamboo Bike Tour in Intramuros, immerse yourself in culture and history.🚲
  • 🌟 Day 3: Fly to Bohol for a sun-soaked beach day on Panglao. 🏝️ Enjoy paradise at Abraham Manila!
  • 🌟 Day 4: Explore Bohol's wonders! From Baclayon Church to the Chocolate Hills, it's a day of adventure and awe.🌈
  • 🌟 Day 5: Pamilacan Island awaits! Dive into guided snorkeling, savor village vibes, and relax on sandy shores.πŸ–οΈ
  • 🌟 Day 6: Depart for your next adventure, or extend your stay at Zula Bohol for more paradise! πŸ›«
  • TRAVEL PERIOD: 01 Sep 23 - 31 Dec 24


  • Accommodation: 2 night accommodation in a dorm at Abraham Manila (optional upgrade to a private room) / 3 night accommodation in a double/twin room at Zula Bohol
  • Guide
  • Meals: Breakfast on days 2 and 3 / Lunch during the 3-day tours included in this package
  • Transport: Transportation to all sites from your accommodation


This 6-day package combines the best of the Philippines, from the vibrance of Manila to the tropical beaches of Bohol. While the specific order of tours will change, each package commences in Manila with the Walk, Eat & Bike: Manila City Tour. Starting at Pasig River Ferry Station, we’ll make our way to Quiapo Market, the largest market in the Philippines buzzing with a variety of vendors selling all types of goods, fruits, vegetables and knick-knacks. Later that morning we’ll continue on a walking tour of Binondo Chinatownβ€”one of, if not the first, Chinatowns in the world. The following day, we’ll hop on a 90-minute flight to Bohol for leisurely time on the glorious beaches of Panglao. On the Countryside Wonders of Bohol Islands tour, we'll visit Baclayon Church, one of the oldest Catholic churches in the Philippines dating back to 1727, and also stop by a traditional salt factory. You’ll then have time to explore Loboc River by boat for a river-side view of the region and the option to SUP on the water. Then it’s onto the Tarsier Conservation Area, a mini jungle on the island dedicated to offering a sanctuary for tarsiers, the second smallest primate in the world resembling a tiny monkey with wide eyes. These endangered animals are scared easily, so we’ll visit the area in silence to not disrupt their habitat. We’ll also visit one of the island’s most iconic spots at Chocolate Hills Viewpoint which frames thousands of cone-shaped mountains sprawling in front of you and beyondβ€”named so for its rich vegetation resembling the color of chocolate during the dry months. The Call It Paradise Pamilacan Island tour starts with a 12.5 km boat ride from Bohol to the island. Enjoy its idyllic white sands and swim on a guided snorkeling tour in crystal clear waters. This is your opportunity to immerse yourself in the water's colorful array of underwater sea life and vibrant coral. Following free time to explore the village and a delicious home-cooked lunch, we’ll head back to Zula Bohol for your last night.

Optional airport pick up for an extra cost 15:00 - Check in to Abraham Manila Overnight at Abraham Manila Start point Abraham Manila, 7840 Makati Avenue Poblacion, Makati, Philippines

07:45 – Depart from Abraham Hostel 08:35 – Depart from Pasig River Ferry Station 09:30 – Arrive in Quiapo Market 10:30 – Binondo Chinatown Walking Tour 12:00 – Ride a jeepney to Intramuros 12:30 – Start of Intramuros Bamboo Bike Tour 14:00 – Snacks and Rest 14:30 – Drive back to Abraham Manila via AC Van Overnight at Abraham Manila

Spend the day to leisurely enjoy the sandy tropical beaches of Panglao

Overnight at Abraham Manila

08:00 – Depart from Zula Bohol 08:30 – A quick stop in Baclayon Church 09:00 – A visit to a traditional salt factory – Asin Tibuok 10:30 – Loboc River by boat (Optional: SUP on the river) 12:00 – Tarsier Conservation Area 13:00 – Lunch 14:00 – Chocolate Hills Viewpoint with optional ATV Tour 15:00 – Depart back to Panglao 16:30 – Quick stop in Chido Cafe 17:30 – Arrive back in Zula Bohol Overnight at Zula Bohol

06:00 – Depart from Zula Bohol 06:15 – Arrive at Dumaluan Beach, start boat ride 07:30 – Arrive in Pamilacan, coffee and rest stop 08:00 – Guided snorkeling 10:00 – Free time in the village 11:00 – Lunch 12:30 – Depart from Pamilacan 13:30 – Arrive back to the mainland 13:45 – Arrive back at Zula Bohol Overnight at Zula Bohol

Enjoy your next destination in the Philippines. Or, if you can’t leave yet, extend your stay in Zula Bohol!


6 Days 5 Nights



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