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Island Hoppers Beach Resort, Dogs Offshore Road, San Antonio, Zambales, Philippines
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17 days 16 nights

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🌴 Philippines Island Hopper – 17 Days Adventure 🌴

Embark on an extraordinary 17-day journey that commences in Makati and concludes in the idyllic Boracay. With our Explorer tour, Philippines Island Hopper, you’ll explore nine captivating destinations across the Philippines. This extensive package includes hotel accommodations, flights, expert guidance, delectable meals, smooth transportation, and more. Dive into the urban energy of Makati, uncover the hidden gems of the Philippines, and immerse yourself in its diverse culture and natural beauty. We’ll handle the details while you create cherished memories. Secure your spot by contacting us at bookings@directflights.com.au. 🇵🇭✈️🏝️

🌄 Highlights of Your Island Hopping Adventure 🌄

  • Makati: Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of the urban capital.
  • Destination Discovery: Explore nine diverse and stunning locations.
  • Accommodation & Meals: Enjoy comfortable stays and flavorful meals throughout your journey.
  • Expert Guide: Learn from experienced guides who will enrich your adventure.

This 17-day tour promises an unforgettable exploration of the picturesque Philippines. Don’t miss this opportunity—reach out to us today! 📩🌞

🌐 #IslandHopper #PhilippinesAdventure #Directflights🌐

Package expires at on 20th, November 2024


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ARRIVE IN MANILA Hop off the plane at MNL, That's Manila airport code (In case you didn't know) and take advantage of airport pick up. If you fancy meeting us directly at the hotel, that's cool too. Check in, relax, put your feet up and wind down before meeting up with your new TruFam and travel ninja. (That's what we call our tour guides, not someone who will continuously karate chop your dinner up for you every single night of your trip... I mean they might if you ask nicely) We grab some dinner before heading for a night on the town of Makati! One of Manila's liveliest cities, we'll show you to some of the best bars. Although we can't promise we won't bring some outrageous dad dancing, we can promise you'll have a sick time!

TRAVEL TO PALAWAN & LOCAL LUNCH WITH FAMILY Welcome to Palawan, formerly known as the gateway to heaven. Maybe we made that part up but if you're looking for paradise then look no further, my friend! We start the day by jumping aboard a short flight to Puerto Princesa before getting picked up in our very own private minivans. Look up the word "unspoilt" in the dictionary, and you'll see a picture of Port Barton as the definition. The small, idyllic, fishing town is where we spend the next few days off the tour. We stop to have lunch with a local family, try out some delicious Filipino grub and chat about the workings of life in paradise. Check in to our beachfront hotel, yeah we're fancy. Watch the sun go down bev in hand, before venturing out to grab dinner and maybe even a sex on the beach! We mean the drink obviously…

PORT BARTON ISLAND HOPPING Island Hopping the Philippines is an experience like no other. We hop on a long tail boat and sail the day away. If you think you've seen beauty, wait till you see Palawan's rainbow-coloured reefs, beautiful majestic turtles and the crystal clear colour of the waves. Great Barrier what? Head to golden sand beaches and reenact your best Baywatch scene whilst jogging out the water in slow motion. You've built up an appetite after a 'Shell of a good time' did you see what we did there? Because we saw turtles? No? Ok. We have lunch in a small fishing village. Have a few hours free time to chill, whether you prefer attempting to form a human pyramid on the beach with your TruFam or top up those tan lines whilst sunbathing in ya speedo. The time is yours to spend however you like! Sailing in the Philippines is 10 outta 10! We cruise back to Port Barton where we freshen up and check out the best bars and restaurants in town!

WE'RE OFF TO EL NIDO! That's right, we're going to El Nido, the star attraction of Palawan, the George Clooney of the Philippines if you will. If you're looking for good vibes, good times and good beer, El Nido is the place to be. Roam around the town and do some shopping before settling into our accommodation, putting on a bit of lippy and grabbing dinner with your now inseparable TruFam. El Nido is known for producing one of the best sunsets in the world, so hold your TruFam, ice-cold beer in each hand and savour this moment forever. It really is bloody magical.

EL NIDO ISLAND HOPPING We're jumping on our famous traditional Banca boats and heading out to island hop to some of the best locations the island has to offer. Think, crystal clear blue lagoons, kayaking with your new BFF in what can only be described as paradise. It's been scientifically PROVEN that jumping in the sea can cure pretty much any hangover. I mean maybe not scientifically but it's defo a long-living Tru theory we stand by. Grab your snorkel and dive under to see the magic of the Philippine Sea or re-energise sunbathing on the golden sands. We stop for a local style lunch before heading back to the hotel around sunset. There's some time to chill out before we meet up for dinner with the TruFam.

NACPAN BEACH & ZIPLINING Time to explore El Nido by land! We start our day with a Mission Impossible-style zipline experience. We'll zoom from beach to beach taking in these incredible views sure to get your blood pumping. After an adrenaline-filled morning, we head to Nacpan Beach, one of the Philippines most famously pristine beaches lined with palm trees so lush you might question reality. Beach time messing will surely ensue.

SNORKELLING, LOCAL VILLAGE TOUR & COOKING CLASS Ready for a Tru-ly unique experience? After a jam packed day, we head to Daracotan Island, a TruExclusive, as you begin your castaway Isla Experience! We don't want to give too much away but trust us when we say it'll be way more fun than being your own dentist with an ice skate like poor Tom Hanks in Castaway (we encourage frequent cries of WILSON during your stay). It's time to explore some shipwrecks before taking a guided tour of Daracotan Island, home to 88 full-time residents (including a pig or two). Hear fascinating tales of their heritage, meet a local family and learn how tourism positively impacts their lives today. In the evening we take part in a traditional local cooking demonstration where you'll learn how to eat Filipino style! We dine together, devouring the local delicacies we prepared shortly before and make a mental note to add "world renowned chef" to the CV when we get back home. Now it's time to wind down round the bonfire with a few beers!

SNORKELLING & TRAVEL TO CORON Have a relaxed morning taking in our last few hours on the magical island we called home for the past few days. Grab a snorkel or just simply lay out on the beach and top up ya tan before we leave to catch the ferry to Coron. After living our ultimate beach babe life, we head to Coron. Spend the afternoon relaxing or checking out the local shops. TIP - Grab a smoothie they're delicious. Recharge those batteries before a night on the town. Unpack that shit shirt, your favourite floral dress or those linen trousers you've been dying to wear as we're heading OUT OUT. Let's hear you say it! CO-RON! CO-RON! CO-RON! We thought it was catchy?

CORON BOAT TRIP After a wild night on the town, we're up and out to sail around Coron. We've pulled out all the stops for you guys. Don't worry, the days just keep getting better and better. We land on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world whilst sailing through turquoise lagoons. After an afternoon of fun, bury the most hungover TruTraveller 7ft deep in the sand, snap those insta beach shots or do competitive handstands on the ocean bed floor we sail back to Coron to freshen up for dinner.


Day 11 we're heading for the gorgeous seaside town of Moalboal, (pronounced mole-bowl if you were wondering). We'll visit the stunning Simala Church, this place will undoubtedly end up on your Instagram. It's pretty much one of the most spectacular buildings you'll ever see. It's also a long-standing myth that miracles happen here, so if you're looking for next week's lottery numbers, then you're in the right place. After a walking tour and short history lesson, we continue into Moalboal where the afternoon is ours! Grab an iced coffee, treat your tense self to a traditional Filipino massage or just check out the local town. There are real hidden gems in Moalboal, and our Travel Ninjas know them all!

Accommodation: - Love's Beach & Dive Resort Moalboal (or similar). Included Activities: - Simala Church

Rise and shine! We kick off day  by hitting the sea. ARGGH MATEY. That's our best pirate impression btw, but don't worry the waterways are full of friendly local fishermen and the odd tourist. Grab your snorkelling gear as we head to one of The Philippines' best snorkelling spots, a rainbow of coloured corals and marine life. Swim amongst the Nemos and Dorys of the ocean and glide alongside some of the island's local turtles. There really is something magical about seeing our hard-shelled green amigos thriving in their natural habitat. *Secretly cries happy tears*. Later in the day, you'll experience something a bit special - The Sardine Run. Hundreds of thousands of sardines swimming simultaneously in a giant school, a spectacle you'd only ever see in a documentary by the legend David Attenborough himself. In the evening, we head out to explore the local nightlife. Practise showing off what you saw in the day through the movement of dance. You know, the classics - BIG FISH, LITTLE FISH, CARDBOARD BOX!

An early start you'll have no trouble with as we're off to Kawasan Falls. If you haven't felt like the ultimate, cut off from the world, backpacker island babe you are yet then today is THE day. Kawasan Waterfall is on the bucket list of every seasoned traveller. It's iconic. Whether you're an adrenaline junkie who's pure thrill for frills runs through your very veins, parkour 24/7 or if you're on a chilled out, laid back, I'm not jumping off anything sort of vibe. It's cool, we've got you. We can't promise you that you won't be nicknamed Chicken for the rest of the trip, but whatever. Like we said It's cool. Float downstream and get involved in some rock-hopping canyoneering before reaching the falls themselves. Get the go pro ready for this one... Finish the day with a lazy evening to recharge those batteries before moving on to our next destination, Siargao Island - voted the best island in the world in 2019 and Asia's surfing capital!

We’re heading to Boracay! Today we head to Cebu airport before catching a short flight to Caticlan and then a 15 minute boat road to the idyllic island of Boracay! Buckle up, it is a beauty. Known for it’s incredible nightlife and white sandy beaches, we can’t promise you won’t fall in love with the island and the 10/10 vibes there. If you ever had the urge to pack up and move across the world, well.. Boracay may just convince you too. We check into the hotel for our last 3 nights so unpack your last pair of clean socks, that shirt that's now far too creased that you've been saving to wear and settle in. We arrive late afternoon, so let’s explore! Sunsets in Boracay are next level. We’re talking an ombre of golden oranges blending into lilac’s and deep purples. Yep, I-N-S-A-N-E. So we’ll watch the sun go down over a few beers on the beach or join a sunset cruise for cocktails. Afterwards, we see where the night takes us. Psssttt.. It’ll be one of Boracay’s best cocktail bars!

Beach days & Sunset Paraw Sailing! Today’s a lazy morning, wake up when you like and grab a fruit smoothie nearby. The morning and early afternoon are free to explore, so head to the beach and catch some rays or perhaps hit the shops and grab some souvenirs for back home.. Or a postcard (We did say you might want to move here and never return!) Late afternoon we’re going Paraw sailing as the sun goes down! Never heard of it? Paraw sailing is a local sail boat activity in Boracay which uses two outriggers and two sails and calmly and gently sails you to the very best viewpoints and spots around the island. Thought last night’s sunset was good? Wait till you see this one TruFam! As the sparkling stars replace the sunset, we’ll head out for dinner together and grab a few beers. It’s the penultimate night.. It’s only right! Right?

It's our last full day together as the TruFam we've become. We're not crying, you are. As always, we're ending our trip on a high... Did someone say BOAT PARTY?! We'll set sail, dance the day away and take it all in for one last time. We're pretty much all professional beach babes at this point so grab your favourite snorkel & mask and jump straight in those tropical waters or even better, grab yourself a floatie, kayak or paddle board and chillax while reminiscing on what we can only assume has been the best 16 days of your life. In the evening we head out for a farewell dinner over sunset cocktails. Our last Hurrah, the final act of the show. One last performance and we're not ending without a standing ovation! Dance on the table, order 2 desserts or simply have 1 too many shots before proceeding to tell every single one of your TruFam how much you love them. Hey, we love ya too!

Departure day and we're not ready to say goodbye. You've become a part of our TruFam which means you'll forever be a part of us. That's how family works, right? How will we go on without you? We can't...so let's just say its not Au revoir, it's more Arnie with the "I'll be back". If you're travelling on further or heading home, our TruNinjas are on hand to help you on your way. Shaka's up, let's hug it out, you bloody legends. And finally… Hasta La Vista Baby.


17 Days 16 Nights



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Island Hoppers Beach Resort, Dogs Offshore Road, San Antonio, Zambales, Philippines
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